Egalitarianism – Public Spending Reform

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Egalitarianism – Public Spending Reform

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The Nigeria I remember is beautiful. Then I was a kid when Nigerians proclaimed proudly there never  be boys in khaki on the streets. The States would not do it. We their wards would throw the boys in khaki and their minnows out for good.

In this new Nigeria we are to create under Dr. Moghalu every Nigerian is called to serve – not to be a steal-er nor a plunderer of the National Treasury. It should be a honor to serve. The money percolated from all corners and sundry shall be used as only civic minded Nigerians and such patriots would.

Our Treasury means shall be powerfully guided. It must not be abused for it shall defray the salaries of the road-works such as:

  • drainage cleaners
  • street grass cutters
  • grass tractor drivers
  • road-menders.

Senators wages or pay must be commensurate to their colleagues else his or her wage or salary must not be higher than a company manager. There must be serious and adhered-to guidelines for corruption. Federal restructuring is a must. Political and fiscal or otherwise. My motto is it is a honor to serve not to loot.

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mypkm August 10, 2018 at 04:43

@gordin , thank you for your idea, it’s been noted

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