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    The vow of Pernury
    3 years agoopen0
    All Nigerians should have a vow of chastity to the Treasury of the Nigerian people. I think the elected officials will be adequately rewarded, salaries and allowance. There will be no need to steal fr... Read more...
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    The Judiciary – Sting Operations
    3 years agoopen1
    Not just the police, to keep corruption in check the entire Judiciary needs STING OPERATIONS. The elected officials should not be ignored either.
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    Reformation of the Judiciary
    3 years agoopen0
    This is one of my views on corruption. Politicians and other senior government officials should be: Investigated and prosecuted by an Office of the Special Prosecutor Tried by a Presiding Judg... Read more...
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    The Nigerian Judiciary needs to be overhauled.
    3 years agoreviewed3
    The weakest link in the Nigerian corruption saga is the Judiciary. It has to be purged and soundly involved villains should be investigated and prosecuted. When found guilty on sound basis they sho... Read more...
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    Egalitarianism – Public Spending Reform
    3 years agoreviewed1
    The Nigeria I remember is beautiful. Then I was a kid when Nigerians proclaimed proudly there never  be boys in khaki on the streets. The States would not do it. We their wards would throw the boys i... Read more...
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    The Police – Sting Operations
    3 years agoopen4
    The Police can be brought to standard like Kingsley Moghalu says by increasing their numbers. However, I can not neglect to say their problem is more of their moral nature. This you can cure by well p... Read more...