Hon Chukwuemeka Ujam

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Hon. Chukwuemeka Ujam

Hon. Dr. Chukwuemeka Ujam is an assiduous and capable individual with extensive data design, management and networking skills as well as solution deployment and service delivery, whilst effectively managing projects, in that space. Chukwuemeka is a highly competent and motivated individual with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

With over 25 years vast experience, covering both public and private sector organisations, he has excelled at holding offices at the highest level of leadership and decision-making. He has managed projects that are valued in excess of millions of British pounds.

A testament to the above is his position as head of design for eBorders UK where he successfully applied his project management and design skills to deploy and develop a world-class biometric entry point UK Border Immigration Solution.

He holds a PhD in Biometrics and Security from the University of Kent Canterbury, an MSc (Hons.) in Enterprise Information Systems from Kings College London, University of London and a B.Eng (Hons.) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is also a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

His PhD included in-depth research into 4 major biometric modalities (Face, Iris, Handwritten Signature and Fingerprint). He has also published research papers to support his findings both in the UK and Europe. He has performed indepth data collection and analysis on the PITO network (UK Police Force); this included the enrolment of facial, CCTV mug shots (still and motion) and fingerprint data.

He is actively engaged in advocacy and government relations. Notable amongst his engagements include consulting for the American Business Council, Diageo-Guinness, Spirit and Wines Association of Nigeria. Here he is active in negotiating a position on the Data Protection Bill, Plastics Bill, Finance Bill and the Social Media Bill.

As a former elected member of the National Assembly, he uses his interpersonal skills and relationships to push satisfactory advocacy for his clients. While serving as elected member of the National Assembly, he served as Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Telecommunications and he sponsored the Digital Rights Bill amongst other notable bills and motions.

Positions Held

  • Honourable Member of the Nigerian House of Representatives
  • Honourable Commissioner for Lands and Urban Development
  • Deputy Chairman House Committee on Telecommunications
  • Security Technical Architect at the Metropolitan Police Service UK
  • Head, Technical Solutions at Serco Trusted Borders (eBorders) UK
  • Lead Technical Design Authority and Technical Architect at ATOS Origin UK
  • Senior Technical Security Designer at BT Global Services UK
  • Fellow Nigerian Society of Engineers